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Uncover the Value of Your Waste

Planeet Consulting is a social enterprise whose mission is to move Newfoundland and Labrador towards the circularity of our economy and society.

We do so by working with your business or organization to develop zero waste solutions that will help you reduce waste from the source, uncover the value of your discards, reduce carbon emissions, and meet evolving expectations of customers, communities, and regulators.

Through implementation of waste reduction solutions, you will engage your supply chain and the community you operate in, and will advocate for a larger systemic change that will pave the path towards circularity and a better planet.

How we help YOU

“Even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Whether you’re wondering how waste can help your business or are already uncovering the hidden potential of waste, we’re here to help you move in the right direction and achieve your goals with confidence.

Zero Waste Audit

You can only manage what you can measure

The Zero Waste audit will provide you with a snapshot of the flow and use of materials at your facility. It identifies how to start preventing waste in the first place, reduce associated costs, and uncover opportunities of avoided costs. It also creates a baseline of the type and amount of wasted materials that your facility generates, which will help you document and measure your progress.

Zero Waste Certification

Share your achievements with the world

Our third-party certification with Zero Waste Canada helps you set specific goals, track your progress, and become recognized for your waste-reduction achievements. It also helps your customers and staff understand why, what, and how you’re doing it, which allows them to become part of the process and your success story.

Who We Are

Viviana Ramírez-Luna

Certified Zero Waste TRUE Advisor

As an environmental scientist, Viviana has established herself as a leader in interdisciplinary research, as an activist, entrepreneur, and public speaker. Her personal goal is to create a healthier environment for her son’s generation and the generations that follow.

The TRUE Advisor certificate program and the related logo is a trademark owned by Green Business Certification Inc.™ and is used with permission

Sophie Wells

Zero Waste Consultant

With a background in Health Ethics and a zero waster herself, Sophie knows the benefits of going low or zero waste, but she also recognizes the difficulties in navigating the wealth of information on how to do so. She is excited to work with businesses who have the courage to try something different.

Rob Pomeroy

Marketing Assistant

As a third-year business student at Memorial University and theatre performer, Robert is using his excellent communication, marketing, and customer relations skills to support Planeet. As the Marketing Assistant for the Winter 2021, he’s excited to learn all about how businesses transition to zero waste and assist Planeet in helping them reach their goal.

What Our Satisfied Customers Say

Working with Planeet helped us do better with our materials management. We’re a company that aims to make it easy for people to choose greener options, so the learning and the changes in our practice has really made a difference!
~ Kim Todd, Founder of Guide to the Good, St. Johns, NL.

Planeet Consulting helped us identify more areas where we could reduce, reuse and recycle, and really helped us toward our sustainability goals.
~ Rob Salsman, Owner of the Battery Cafe, St. John’s NL.

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