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Going Circular in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s

Zero Waste As a Path Toward Circularity

Where: Portugal Cove – St. Philips (PCSP), NL

Date: September 2021 – April 2022

Project leader: Planeet Consulting

Project participants: PCSP, College of the North Atlantic Office of Research and Innovation, Municipalities of Newfoundland and Labrador, PCSP Chamber of Commerce and the Advisory Committee on the Environment.

Project sponsors: Planeet Consulting and the College of the North Atlantic.

Key Features: 

  • Assessment of existing and potential zero-waste initiatives (Repair, Reuse, Refill, Recycling, Return, and Rot/composting) that help prevent and reduce waste, connect people and move PCSP towards circularity.
  • Data collection through a survey, interviews, and a waste audit of the Town Hall.
  • Description of motivations, barriers, and the challenges and opportunities for scaling zero-waste initiatives up.
  • Analysis of how the Town Hall can be a collaborator, convener, and catalyst for circularity in the community and the province. 


A report describing a road map towards circularity outlining:

  • Existing and potential zero-waste initiatives.
  • Opportunities for and challenges to scaling up existing zero-waste initiatives.
  • Results of the zero-waste audit. 
  • Recommendations linked to the Town’s Climate Mitigation Action Plan.

What are we learning:

  • Zero-waste initiatives happen at varying levels within the Town Hall and the community. Composting and recycling are the best known and where the town has already invested a lot of resources. 
  • The main barriers to zero waste are accessibility, inconveniences (too far, too little, too much work), and a lack of knowledge or understanding of waste reduction (e.g. composting, recycling).
  • To overcome these barriers and move toward circularity, PCSP has an opportunity to build upon existing programming, socio-cultural values, and community spaces.
  • A critical “low-hanging-fruit” project is community composting, given the resources already invested, the interest of residents, its significant impact on climate action, and the potential to start small, learn together, and grow!

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