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Zero Waste for Businesses

Where: Two locations in St. John’s, NL

Date: May, June 2020

Project leader: Planeet Consulting

Project participants: The Battery Café and Guide to the Good

Project sponsors: The Battery Café and Guide to the Good

Key Features: 

  • Tracked the volume of waste generated in their facilities in a specific period, destined for composting, recycling, and landfill. 
  • Reviewed their environmental policies.


  • Results of the zero-waste audit, including discards composition and metrics (diversion, capture, and contamination rates).
  • Recommendations on waste reduction following the zero waste principle of high and best use:
    • prioritizing reusables over single-use items,
    • improving signage to increase capture and reduce contamination,
    • buying in bulk to reduce packaging,
    • implementing composting*
    • requesting feedback from waste collectors on contamination*
    • appointing a zero-waste champion*.
      • *Recommendations specifically for The Battery Café.

What we learned:

  • No business can reduce waste on its own. It requires the engagement of staff and those in the supply chain.
  • Reducing waste and building a zero-waste culture is an ongoing process that requires the involvement of various stakeholders (e.g. staff, service providers, and patrons).
  • Reducing waste also requires a systematic approach. The Zero Waste Certification is a way to help organizations set specific goals, track their progress, and become recognized for their waste-reduction achievements.

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“Working with Planeet helped us do better with our materials management. We’re a company that aims to make it easy for people to choose greener options, so the learning and the changes in our practice has really made a difference!”

“Planeet Consulting helped us identify more areas where we could reduce, reuse and recycle, and really helped us toward our sustainability goals.”

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