Imagine! Composting in every neighbourhood and community in Newfoundland & Labrador that:

  • Requires basic infrastructure and staff training 
  • Doesn’t cause any bad smells or pests, and keeps contamination under control
  • Produces a high-quality fertilizer that creates healthy soil and contributes to food security
  • Reduces residential food “waste,” saves on municipal garbage collection fees,  and lowers carbon emissions
  • Creates meaningful, well-paid jobs for anyone willing to learn 
  • Serves everyone in the community in an accessible, fair, and convenient way year-round
  • Becomes a hub that empowers individuals and communities

Planeet Consulting, with the support of the Social Justice Co-op and the NL Federation of Co-operatives, is working towards this dream by creating the NL Community Composting Co-operative Network. And we need you! All you need is to love composting and want it in your community.

You can join the Steering Committee or just be kept in the loop and join later. As a Steering Committee member, you’ll help coordinate and implement the steps involved in the development process. As members, we’ll share the work involved, meet regularly, and would remain on the committee until the first board of directors is elected after incorporation.

Why a Co-operative?

Because it’s a type of organization that gives all members equal decision-making powers while generating revenues and prioritizing member service needs and community sustainability.

Co-operative initiatives ensure that invested members have the power to tailor each composting site to fit the unique needs of their communities. 

Together, we will:

  • Make decisions 
  • Find revenue streams
  • Collectively access grants 
  • Mentor others
  • Influence policy (e.g., land use and permitting processes, mandate separation of food “waste” at households, ban “food waste” from all landfills across NL)
  • Grow!

You can choose to join the Steering Committee or just be kept in the loop and join later.

We’re not starting from scratch! 

Community composting initiatives already exist all across the province in various stages, from being set up (Kippens), to one year (Georgestown Community Composting in St. John’s), to several years in operation (Corner Brook by the Western Environment Centre). 

These initiatives provide us with key lessons. Now, we need to unite to share them, develop our collective power, and organize a composting Revolution in Newfoundland and Labrador! 

How to join and what to expect

Before February 17th, 2023

Fill out the short form below before February 15th, 2023.

Tell us about yourself, a few words about why you want to join the Network, and whether you want to participate in the Steering Committee or just be kept in the loop.

After February 17th, 2023

Everyone who expressed interest will be contacted, and our first Steering Committee meeting will be scheduled.

We will get to know each other and share our expectations. We will design the path that will define our responsibilities, co-op benefits and services, our business plan and by-laws, and other logistical necessities to incorporate. 

The meeting minutes will be sent to those who want to be kept in the loop.

Expression of Interest

About Us

The Composting Co-op is an initiative by Planeet Consulting, with the support of the Social Justice Co-operative of NL and the NL Federation of Co-operatives.