What is Community Composting?

Community composting is a small-scale approach to composting that is tailored to your neighbourhood or community. 

It’s happening successfully in communities around the world, largely because it’s a low-cost, low-tech, low-risk effort, creates compost to produce food, and empowers people. It reduces transportation costs and tipping fees for municipalities.

Why Community Composting?

These local, small-scale programs run a lower risk of contamination compared to large-scale programs so that the compost produced can be sold or used by the community to produce food.

Community members have a low-investment way to help contribute to a healthier climate without worrying about having the time, space, knowledge or physical capacity to compost in their own backyards. And they get rich compost for their own gardens if they want!

Community composting also diverts food “waste” from landfills, creates green jobs and employs people who might face significant barriers to employment, contributes to food production, and ultimately creates rich, thriving communities.

Municipalities save money in the long-term by reducing “waste” that goes to landfills

Individuals can get involved without composting in their own homes

Small-scale production allows neighbourhoods and communities to use the compost produced towards food production

Transparent, engaged process where all parties know what’s happening every step of the way

Planeet Consulting is committed to helping organizations, municipalities and community gardens across Newfoundland & Labrador create a transparent and engaged process as they bring community composting to their neighbourhoods. 

Our mission is to grow the Cooperative Community Composting Network across the province and support its goals towards a greener economy, cleaner environment, and healthy and thriving communities.

We tailor our approach to each program based on various factors, including:

  • Available space
  • Human resources
  • Funds and equipment
  • Neighbourhood goals

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