Closing the loops.

Welcome back! Building on my previous *blog*, I’ll explore in more detail the circular economy and the numbers by *Bob Willard,* a leading expert on the business value of corporate sustainability strategies. Using two hypothetical companies, one small service company and one large manufacturing company, I’ll show you the costs of the linear economy andContinue reading “Closing the loops.”

Planning for tough times.

How Zero Waste can help your business turn waste into savings and reach your environmental goals. Welcome to the Zero Waste for Businesses and Organizations Blog Series. The first one of its kind in Newfoundland and Labrador. The goal of this blog series is to start, promote, and facilitate the conversation about zero waste andContinue reading “Planning for tough times.”

Viviana RL. Finished compost from the Georgestown Community Composting Program. Photo credits: Tania Heath

About Me

Hi there! I’m thrilled that you’re here. I’m a Mom, a Community Leader, an Environmental Scientist, and a Zero Waste Advisor. Originally from Colombia, calling Newfoundland and Labrador home for over ten years.

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