Let’s make magic together to nurture our soils and souls.

We inspire communities to transform residential food “waste” into nutrient-rich compost to support local food production and jobs, and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Why isn’t composting more popular?

Composting is an ancient practice that humans have used to enrich soils for growing food.

Today, composting seems like an out-of-the-box idea. When implemented, it’s often using a large-scale solution with high costs and risks of contamination or a backyard solution that individuals have to figure out themselves or doesn’t work for everyone.

But there’s a middle-ground solution: community composting.

Inspired by the Georgestown Community Compost in St. John’s, Planeet Consulting can help your community develop the knowledge and skills you need to run successful community composting programs to:

Divert household food waste

Create green jobs within the community

Bring neighbours together in a shared goal

Join the Composting Revolution!

Let’s revolutionize how we compost.

Join the Community Composting Cooperative Network, where we are creating a network of local organizations, municipalities, and community members who want to advance a collaborative approach to composting throughout the province.

Viviana is holding a handful of compost over a large tub of dark compost

Featured Project

From idea to action in the blink of an eye

The Georgestown Community Composting program operates year-round diverting food  “waste” from 27  households, about 50 people, and has successfully produced over 700lbs of compost with almost no contamination for private and community gardens!

With Food First NL’s support, we’re creating a Guide to Community Composting in NL. Stay tuned!

Collaborators & Partners

​Kings Gate Condominiums​

Get Involved

Join the Revolution!

We’re revolutionizing how we compost in NL through the Community Composting Cooperative Network.

Join local organizations and community members to grow community composting programming across the province.

Start a Composting Program

Not ready yet to join the network but want to replicate Georgestown’s program success in your own neighbourhood or community?

Reach out to start the conversation.

Become a Donor

Donate space, funds, or other materials and support a community composting program. 

Reach out to get connected with local projects.


Browse our articles to learn more about community composting happening locally and globally.

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View our past projects to learn about other ways to move towards a zero-waste, circular economy.

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