Zero Waste Certification

Why Get Zero Waste Certified?

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” (~Milton Berle).

Zero Waste Certified organizations create a healthier and happier life for their customers and staff, and our planet as a whole. Healthy and happy customers, in return, are the foundation of any successful organization.

Planeet offers third-party certification through Zero Waste Canada, the national affiliate of the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA). ZWIA is the organization behind the globally recognized Zero Waste Certification program that accredits businesses and communities around the world. 

The Zero Waste Certification Process

The Zero Waste Certification Program offers organizations a chance to design and manage products and processes that systematically eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and conserve resources at their facilities.

The certification program is open to any organization seeking to work toward Zero Waste, regardless of size, location, or where it currently stands on the Zero Waste spectrum.

Your organization’s path may be longer for some organizations than for others. We’re here to guide you to get there!

Your Path to Zero Waste Certification

On the road to zero waste badge

Step 1. On the Road to Zero Waste

On the Road to Zero Waste recognition status acknowledges that your facility has the core structures in place that will enable you to work towards Zero Waste Certification.

Click here to learn more about the meaning of On the Road to Zero Waste.

Zero Waste Certification

Step 2. Zero Waste Certification

Zero Waste Certification acknowledges that your facility has accomplished ambitious Zero Waste objectives and serves as an example of environmental stewardship.

Each level of certification builds upon the previous level’s Zero Waste goals. Reaching Platinum level certification is both challenging and rewarding. Facilities that reach this milestone can consider themselves true change leaders.

Click here to learn about the meaning of Silver, Gold, and Platinum Zero Waste Certification levels.

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