Why Audit Your Waste?

Your waste speaks volumes about the internal workings of your organization and the effectiveness of your operations. A waste audit is your chance to prepare for the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

A waste audit can be an eye-opening experience that reveals costly problems and uncovers opportunities for creating a healthier environment for your business, employees, customers, and our planet.

To maximize the effectiveness of your waste reduction efforts, we recommend performing a waste audit at least once per year. Each year serves as a baseline for your progress going forward.

The Zero Waste Audit Process

Step 1: Initial Zero Waste Consultation

  • During the initial Zero Waste consultation meeting, a Planeet Consultant will walk your staff members through the audit process and certification, and clarify the timeline, expectations, and fees.
  • An internal Representative will be appointed, who will be the liaison between Planeet and your organization.
  • The Audit can be conducted on its own or as part of the Zero Waste Certification.
  • If the audit is part of the Zero Waste Certification, an examination of policies, purchase criteria, waste collection agreements, and other documentation will be performed to inspect their potential waste implications.

Step 2: The Audit

  • Planeet will perform an on-site walk-through with the Representative previous to the audit.
  • The audit starts with all bins empty and runs for a period previously agreed upon by your organization and Planeet. It ends the day a Planeet member picks up and examines the discards.
  • All discarded material will be inspected based on weight and reported by type (trash, organics, paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, beverage containers, cans, metal, recyclable plastic, batteries, e-waste, and waste).
  • All data is recorded in a spreadsheet to establish the total material discarded by composition, weight, and type. Zero waste metrics are applied to the calculation to establish current and potential diversion, capture, contamination rates, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Step 3: Presenting Your Audit Results

  • Upon completion of the Audit, Planeet will submit a draft report that includes: 
    • Quantitative and qualitative data (calculations and photos) of all discarded material generated in the building, highlighting sources and disposal practices.
    • Practical ways to prevent waste and potentially reduce associated costs.
  • Upon receipt of the report, the Representative and Planeet will meet to discuss the results and recommendations of the Audit.
  • After the meeting, Planeet will submit the final report.

Book Your Zero Waste Audit

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All photos by Erik Mclean on Unsplash